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Bilingual Digital Communications and Online English Courses for Expanding Opportunities


PeerPraxis offers bilingual digital communications and online English courses for expanding opportunities. Our expert language and digital media professionals certify translations for immigration services and produce bilingual communications for digital content. Our language instructors meet the learning needs of every student through private tutoring sessions and provide training in the U.S. citizenship test and interview. We offer notarization and apostilles, and more.

Certified Translations

​Certified translations, notary services and apostilles

Our team has expert linguists that certify English and Spanish translations for print and digital media. We work directly with attorneys and community immigration agencies to expedite the translation and processing of legal documents. We are also registered with the State of New Jersey to offer notarization and apostille services that guarantee the validity of your documents in the United States and abroad. Contact us to find out how we can certify your legal, technical, academic, or business translations.

Bilingual Digital Communications

Bilingual digital communications

PeerPraxis is the ideal partner for public entities, private companies, and educational institutions looking to connect with audiences across the English-Spanish bilingual spectrum. We ensure that your digital communications are culturally relevant and sensitive to the diversity of this growing market. We provide research, planning and production of bilingual communications for digital media and social networks. We produce videos, photography, podcasts, livestreams, digital marketing, and more, guaranteeing high production values and standards of privacy, copyright, and digital accessibility.

Online English Tutorials

Online English tutorials and preparation for the U.S. citizenship test and interview


Our study plans and educational technologies are designed to meet the learning needs and objectives of each student. In addition to learning foundational English grammar, our students gain practical experience in developing conversational (listening, speaking) and academic (reading, writing) language skills. We also prepare you to demonstrate your knowledge of the English language when answering the civics questions during the naturalization exam and interview of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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PeerPraxis is located in the USA (New Jersey) and Latin America (Ecuador). Our certified translations, bilingual digital communications, and online English tutoring are available in the USA and Ecuador. Our notary and apostille services are available in New Jersey only.

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