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Our Team

Building on her academic formation and professional experience as educator and instructor of English as a Second language, Karina Lafuente (M.A. TESOL) founded PeerPraxis to offer specialized English language courses and translation services. Karina knows firsthand the transformative power of education and the opportunities that English language proficiency may afford in the United States. Thus, she seeks to expand access to similar opportunities for her students.


Karina Lafuente, M.A.

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Founder and Lead ESL Instructor

“I’m grateful that through my professional experience I can provide my students with the appropriate tools to shine and achieve their personal goals. The satisfaction I get from witnessing their language achievement is my greatest reward.

At PeerPraxis, we thrive while experimenting and learning with digital technologies. Fabian Freire (Ed.D. Adult Learning and Leadership, M.A. Media Studies) oversees the exploration of interactive learning technologies for identifying the digital pedagogies that support our learners most effectively.

“Success, for me, lies in optimizing the burgeoning field of digital education in order to expand our students’ professional horizons, job opportunities, and ultimately their personal development.


Fabian Freire, Ed.D.

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Manager of Digital Operations and Bilingual Communications

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