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Certification, Access, and Instruction Reflections Upon Completing My First MOOC on the Newly Redesigned EdX Site

By Fabian Freire | December 21, 2020

Achieving an education credential always brings a rush of excitement, pride, and anticipation. So, as I hurried to verify my identity for certifying the successful completion of my first MOOC on the newly redesigned edX site—a course offered by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) called “What Works in Education: Evidence-Based Education Policies”—, I couldn’t just sit down in front of the webcam in a Covid-19-work-from-home shirt without first rigging some decent lighting for the photo. Amid the excitement, however, I jotted the following comments seeking to reflect on my experience while taking stock of the maturation of MOOC technologies around these three interrelated areas: Certification, Access, and Instruction.

How Do Latin@s Fit in the U.S. Culture Wars? An Immigrant’s Ice-Tea-and-Hot-Dog-Induced Reflection

By Fabian Freire | July 30, 2020

In the summer of COVID-19, as the U.S. celebrated her Independence amid failed quarantines and unresolved struggles against systemic racial discrimination, my day off from telework in suburbia took a reflective turn in response to the imminent Culture Wars of our time. While the general tendency is to describe cultural confrontation along liberal vs conservative ideological lines, as a working class immigrant from Latin America I can’t help but to view such discussions from a cultural identity perspective.