Fabian Freire, Ed.D.

Fabian Freire, doctor of education in Adult Learning and Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University, is passionate about researching and experimenting with digital learning technologies for adult education. Doctor Freire’s academic and professional practice explores the intersection of digital technologies with distributed education, seeking to gain a better understanding about the instructional pedagogies, socio-technical systems, and organizational policies that best support adult learners online.

As a higher education administrator, Dr. Freire has a wealth of experience both producing digital content as well as researching and deploying the latest digital media technologies for connecting with diverse target audiences—from university students and faculty to corporate partners and donors. In that capacity, Dr. Freire has collaborated in the development of institutional policies that integrate organization-wide technology and talent management solutions, capitalizing on the digital transformation challenges and affordances facing higher education today. These efforts have resulted in the implementation of enterprise-grade systems that comply with the accessibility and copyright regulations in the Americans with Disabilities Act and Intellectual Property laws.

Dr. Freire has published research articles on the implementation of massive open online learning courses (MOOCs) for professional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. As a committed researcher-practitioner of digital learning, Dr. Freire also leads the production and editorial line for the educational video channel and podcast series: Nuestras Facultades (Our Faculties), which explores themes of human potential and development through our myriad manifestations of scientific, artistic, spiritual, and indigenous knowledge.


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