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USA English Summer Camp 2023


PeerPraxis and GainVille Learning Center get together to offer you an ESL Summer Camp in the USA that combines an intensive English program with a culturally-immersive curriculum for foreign-born teenagers visiting the New York / New Jersey area during Summer 2023. This English summer camp enables young travelers, ages 11 to 18, to explore the culture, language and lifestyle of US Americans.


From July 10 to August 18, enroll for 2 to 6 weeks and bolster your English language skills in New Jersey, minutes away from New York City. While you study at GainVille Learning Center, PeerPraxis offers you room, board, and transportation options for enjoying your summer in the USA, via the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York or Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey.

What We Offer

What We


Room: Homestay with a Local Family

Single rooms in Belleville,

New Jersey


$300 per week


Transportation upon your Flight Arrival and Departure

New York City: John F. Kennedy International Airport

$150 ($75 each way)

New Jersey: Newark Liberty International Airport

$100 ($50 each way)


Board: Home-cooked Meals

Plans with 1 meal or 2 meals per day


1 meal per day: Dinner 

$100 per week 


2 meals per day: Breakfast and Dinner

$150 per week


Private Transportation to Camp Site

To and from GainVille Learning Center in Rutherford, New Jersey


$50 per week

Contact us for designing a custom room, board, or transportation plan for your young camper.



WhatsApp:  +1-973-986-6673 (USA)

                            +593-099-347-6596 (ECUADOR)                         

The prices listed by PeerPraxis cover the logistical accommodations for your stay in the USA during the summer 2023. For registering in the English Summer Camp, visit GainVille Learning Center here.

Note: Young travelers should obtain their own VISA for entering the United States, according to the laws of their country of origin and the rules of the US Department of State. PeerPraxis does not offer VISA services. In addition, travelers should obtain their own travel medical insurance with coverage throughout their visit to the US.

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