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English for Adults (Beginners I)

Learners in the English for Adults Beginners I course will develop basic Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills while learning from practical and interactive scenarios about daily life and work in the United States. This introductory course will launch learners in their language acquisition journey towards understanding and expression in English.

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Learning Goals

This course pursues 5 main learning objectives:

  1. Learners will further their comprehension and expression in English, improving their vocabulary for living and working in the United States and their overall understanding of American Culture.

  2. Students will learn the fundamentals of spoken and written English through practical and interactive activities.

  3. Students will learn the English alphabet with pronunciation of letters, sight words, vocabulary, and more.

  4. Learners will gain experience in conversational English through ample opportunities for building and rehearsing Listening and Speaking skills. 

  5. Learners will develop basic grammar competencies through applied Reading and Writing activities.

Time Commitment

2 hours per week in class plus an average of 1 hour per week of independent study.



Learners will be given grammar worksheets as well as verb and vocabulary lists to prepare as homework. Learners will complete this work independently and are highly encouraged to bring back questions for reviewing with the instructor and their classmates.


Language of Instruction

This course is taught in English with encouragement and support given in the learners’ first language: Spanish


Supply List

Learners will need a laptop or personal computer with Internet access and the latest version of Zoom installed. The teacher will provide students with the necessary teaching materials and activities for this course.

Learning Progress

In this beginner class, learners will be assessed according to their progress in understanding and expression of sounds, vocabulary, and foundational skills of the English language. There will be no formal evaluation, but the teacher will monitor each learner’s willingness to participate and engage in the 1-hour class activities ensuring that everyone learns in a safe and respectful environment.


Course Sessions

🌔 Evening Session: January 24 - March 2 (6 weeks) > NEW SESSIONS OPENING SOON
Tuesdays and Thursdays 
7pm - 8pm (USA-ET, Ecuador,
Peru & Colombia)

☀️ Weekend Session: January 28 - March 5 (6 weeks) > NEW SESSIONS OPENING SOON
Saturdays and Sundays 
10am - 11am (USA-ET, Ecuador, Peru, & Colombia)


Use this form to provide your student information for enrolling in the English for Adults (Beginners I) course. Please note that your registration will not be complete until full payment is verified, per the instructions below. Thank you for choosing PeerPraxis for learning English online.

The cost for this six-week course is $60 US Dollars. Following are the available forms of payment:

🔐 Zelle Money Transfer (USA)
Recipient Name: PEER PRAXIS LLC

🏦 Bank Transfer (Ecuador)
Bank Name: Banco Pichincha
Account Number: 2100266354
Recipient Name: PEERPRAXIS SAS
RUC: 1793192910001

🚩 To confirm your registration,  please email proof of payment to:

Course Session and Student Information


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